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What kind of servers would you prefer ?
 Time Attack ( 60k )
 Laps mode ( 60/80k )
 Rounds mode ( 90k )
France.gif Blitze

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Posted on Fri 17/03/2017 18:25:39  
Nascar Servers ( post open to everybody )
Hey guys !
As you know, there is 2 active « nascar » servers at the moment and, for some of us, this is annoying because we don’t want to play on a server with maps that will make you leave so, that’s why I’m writing this.
We discussed a bit with Spyder and, this time, we think it could be nice to open a Nascar server with some Nascar maps we all like/love. ( means no fs maps etc... )

This topic is here to share your opinion about the maps/mappers you want to see on that server we might be able to open.
Also, the problem is:
What kind of servers we should create if a lot of people find that' it is a good idea?
There will be a vote inside this post, to help us choose, if we are doing it, what kind of server it will be.
You still have time to give your opinion anyways, it will not be done before the end of the SNC 
If you have some questions, some ideas to share for this potential server, we will be there, listening to everything you can say!
See you all 
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Germany.gif Be Happy

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Posted on Fri 17/03/2017 18:31:38  
RE : Nascar Servers ( post open to everybody )
There is a 80k server... Finest Nascar with handpicked maps...

Greetz Happy
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Austria.gif Suprime

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Posted on Fri 17/03/2017 19:04:04  
RE : Nascar Servers ( post open to everybody )

In my opinion there are too many nascar servers yet..

RH & FRT have some good nascar servers - with also good maps

Zorscy Nascar is also very good for TA

Also GRT, TriForce or Matadors have public nascar servers


The problem is not that we have servers which haven't good maps  - I think the players are too split up.

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