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Lithuania.gif voda

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Posted on Wed 22/03/2017 18:08:09  
GG voda

*sadface [ON]*

so... when I joined (re-joined) PNE, I mentioned that I have a decent amount of free time now that I graduated from my university. Time started ticking faster and faster every day, every week and month. I tunneled into TM quite hard and had a wonderful time in the past 3-4 months (shout-outs to Pondo, "Snc Open tg noob", Latvian Orchestra Senpai and other guys that I spent a lot of time with on the 90k server ^^). Now the real business. Long story short, I was offered a really good job opportunity here in Lithuania and I took it. I started this week and it's amazing so far. Thing is, my schedule for work-days (Monday-Friday) is quite tight, since I have to get up really early and come back home real late. This means I have absolutely no time for TM, unless I give up eating, spending time with my girlfriend, going to gym etc. I also think, that I will start valuing weekends a lot more than I used to, so if you think "Oh, but you will still play on weekends then!", it might not be true. I might be talking a bit too much, but TL;DR - GG voda, 1-2h/week availability. Also - SnC might be a done deal for me too. What else there is to say... I guess life is life and TM is TM. I will still pop-in whenever I can and meet most of you in servers, but it's not going to be very often (not the usual 4-5h/day schedule ^^).


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France.gif ThoS22

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Posted on Wed 22/03/2017 18:51:19  
RE : GG voda
Hey Voda,

Nice ​to hear that all is going well in your life even if that means less time for tm... but I can understand. So hope to see you sometimes on nascar servers and have fun irl.
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Belgium.gif Kev

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Posted on Tue 28/03/2017 19:13:36  
RE : GG voda

Hey m8

Thank you for your explanation and I m glad of your new opportunity, it's really great!

I wish you a lot of success in your new position and also good luck !

Enjoy your new life and hope to see you sometimes in game !

Take care !


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